Department of Anthropology & Archaeology at Brooklyn College CUNY


Anthropology is the study of people, how they developed physically and culturally, and
how they live and interact among themselves and with others. Anthropology uses a four
field approach that includes: cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical anthropology,
and linguistics.

Anthropology studies humanity in the broadest sense. With a methodology developed
over the past 150 years, anthropologists study different cultures by living with the
people, experiencing their lives as they themselves do, developing an empathetic
knowledge, which allows a total balanced view of a way of life.

Undergraduate majors in our department have ongoing opportunities to do hands on
research in a number of laboratory and fieldwork studies conducted by full-time
members of the department. Graduates go on to a number of different areas of endeavor,
which require a background in human dimension, and diversity of behavior, and lifestyle.

The courses of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology present the richness
in human variation and cultural diversity, and offer the anthropological perspective as
a way of thinking, a way of problem solving, and as a model for future learning.

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3307 James Hall
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