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The B.A.-M.D. Student Committee was founded in order to foster peer interaction, active involvement, and unity among the students of the medical program.  As representatives of the student body, committee members initiate and execute student activities and other agendas of the B.A.-M.D. Program, including prospective student recruitment, alumni relations, social responsibility, and fundraising.  Our main objective is to create an atmosphere that promotes engagement between all cohorts and contributes to the intellectual and social development of our future doctors.

The committee has hosted many recent student activities, including Sports Night, Senior Sendoff / Freshman Welcome, and Game Night.  It has also pioneered in student recruitment - volunteering at student interviews, providing campus tours, recruiting at many high schools, and speaking at conferences.  It has created fundraising opportunities and is in the midst of re-establishing ties with its successful alumni.

Student Committee (2007-2008):
President - Francesco Priamo
Vice-President - Ireen Ahmed
Treasurer - Jeanie Lee
Secretary - Karan Dua
Events Coordinators - Erica Beauplan and Irum Kidwai
Tech Advisor - William Aibinder

Student Committee (2008-2009)
President- Ireen Ahmed
Vice President- Jeanie Lee
Treasurer- Juliana Rosentsveyg
Secretary- Ankuri Desai
Events Coordinators- Eva Raparia and Dawn Jacob
Technology Coordinator- Jeff Varghese

Student Committee (2009-2010)
President- Ireen Ahmed
Vice President- Josef Brejt
Treasurer- Juliana Rosentsveyg
Secretary- Ankuri Desai
Events Coordinators- Jeff Varghese and Ayesha Arif
Technology Coordinator- Matthew Lee

Student Committee (2010-2011)
President- Ankuri Desai
Vice President- Catherine Chan
Treasurer- Josef Brejt
Secretary- Ayesha Arif
Events Coordinators- Jasmine Varughese and Haran Ratna
Technology Coordinator- Nabil Ahmed

Student Committee (2011-2012)
President- Catherine Chan
Vice President- Jasmine Varughese
Treasurer- Ayesha Arif
Secretary- Akreeti Maskey
Events Coordinators- Priyanka Chopra and Ruqayyah Batts
Technology Coordinator- Nabil Ahmed

Pictures from Recent Student Activities:

      Senior Sendoff / Freshman Welcome 2011

      Senior Sendoff / Freshman Welcome 2006

      Revlon Run/Walk 2006

      Sports Night 2006

      Game Night 2004

      B.A.-M.D. Bake Sale 2004

      Senior Sendoff / Freshman Welcome 2004

      Sports Night 2004

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