A Gardener-Friendly Guide to Greek & Latin Names of Plants

Method for Lectures & Seminars with Links to Illustrative Matter

John B. Van Sickle

Professor of Classics (Brooklyn College) & Avid Gardener in Bridgehampton

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References from previous venues: Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons (8th Annual Karish Seminar);
Master Gardeners of Suffolk County.

METHOD in Brief [click here]

How to get help from the Internet & elsewhere [click here]. Plants used in basic analysis of names:
Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

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Dicentra spectablis

Dicentra spectabilis

Dicentra spectabilis alba

Dicentra spectabilie alba

Dicentra eximia 

Dicentra eximia

Dicentra cucullaria

Dicentra cucullaria
[all pictures but this last 
by JBVS in Springs]

Tools for Learning & Recall--
Breaking Names into Component Parts [click here for table of Latin  & Greek forms]

Sampler of other resources available on the world-wide web: Click here

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