Telling Our Stories, Sharing Our Lives:
A Journal of First-Year Writing at Brooklyn College



We are grateful for the support of:

Karen Gould, President
William Tramontano, Provost
Terrence Cheng, Associate Provost for Academic Programs

Ellen Tremper, Chair, English Department
Janet Moser, Director of Freshman Composition
Heidi Diehl, Program Administrator, Freshman Composition

Anthology Committee: Elana Cogliano, Heidi Diehl, Bonnie Harris
Fall 2015 English 1010 Instructors: Stephen Aubrey, Christopher Bajana, Eliza Bent, Ashley Bhehaspat, Emma Bushnell, Elana Cogliano, Erin Courtney, Heidi Diehl, Mirlaine Docteur, Corinne Donly, Nick Fuller, Eric Howell, Nicole Lascala, Janet Moser, Sahar Muradi, Farid Nassif, Susan Penn, Kelly Roberts, Ariel Stess, Andrew Stone
The Staff at BC Printworks
And most especially, Ruth Ozeki
Cover Art: "Now Is Forever" by Stephen Powers