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Brooklyn College English Department
MA English and MA English Teacher Programs
Financial Aid

Brooklyn College ImageFor residents of New York State, tuition is $365 per credit; for nonresidents and international students, tuition is $675 per credit.  Graduate students taking 12 or more credits in a semester are considered full-time, and full-time students who are New York State residents pay $4,345 per semester.* 

*Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York and is subject to change.  Current information is available at this link.

Scholarships and Awards for Graduate Students. Students may also apply for scholarships online at this link.

Information about loans and other financial aid is available at this link.

In addition, fellowships and graduate assistantships may be available. Details about these programs may be obtained from departmental graduate advisers.

Adjunct Information
(For MFA and MA English students only)

A very limited number of one-course adjunct and graduate assistant teaching positions, primarily in freshman composition (English 1010 and English 1012), may be available for applicants who have classroom teaching qualifications. If you wish to be considered, write directly to the department chairperson, Professor Ellen Tremper; include an up-to-date curriculum vitae and a one-page description of the way you would approach teaching such a course. Applicants without prior college teaching experience are encouraged to accept special department tutorial assignments, which may lead to actual teaching in subsequent semesters. Those teaching for us for the first time are generally required to enroll in English 7506, Practicum in Teaching College-Level Composition, which is offered in both the fall and spring semester. This course is a practicum in the teaching of writing that is recommended for tutors as well.

MFA/MA applicants must wait until they have been accepted before applying for these positions.