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Brooklyn College English Department
MA English and MA English Teacher Programs
Approved Thesis Titles

Approved MA English Theses from Recent Years

2010-2011 Approved Master's Theses

Berenstein, Ari                                                (M.A. English)
A Nation of Holdens: The Relevance of Holden Caulfield as a Critical Lens of American Youth in the Twenty-First Century
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Clay, Weston                                                  (M.A. English)
Material Girl-Killer: Consumerist Discourse and the Sociopathic Narrator in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho
Advisor: Janet Moser

Davis, Annette                                                            (M.A. English)
Isabella’s Trial and Execution in Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”: Guilty of Non-Conformance
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

De Piper, John                                                 (M.A. English)
Blood Meridian and Antic Clay: Cormac McCarthy’s Violent Worldview
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Dell’Aquila, Michael                                       (M.A. English)
Writing Against the Dusk: Ethnic Twilight and the Persistence of the Italian-American Sign
Advisor: Robert Viscuisi

DiBerardino, Michael                                     (M.A. English)
The Impersonal Turn: Keats’s Romantic Modernism
Advisor: Rachel Brownstein

Dunn, Andrew                                                            (M.A. English)
Mass Perversion: Cinema, the Psyche, and the Possibility of Collective Action in The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West and The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Feldnov, Amy                                                 (M.A. English)
The Wartime Child in Contemporary Children’s Literature: Self-Writing and Sarajevo’s Anne Frank
Advisor: Marie Rutkoski

Friedman, Carly                                              (M.A. English)
Joe Orton: Gender Rebellion of Mythic Proportions
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Goykadosh, Brachah                                      (M.A. English)
Lacanian Desire and Kristevan Abjection in T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
Advisor: Karl Steel

Hamilton, Debbie                                            (M.A. English)
Metonymy in Charles W. Chesnutt’s The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories
Advisor: Geri DeLuca

Janisch, Rebecca                                             (M.A. English)
Making Gold Stay
Advisor: Carey Harrison

JeanBaptiste, Darise                                        (M.A. English)
Toni Morrison’s Trajectory of Death
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Jennings, Rachel                                             (M.A. English)
“What Counts Counts”: Understanding How Media Inspire and Thwart Progress in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things
Advisor: Jason Frydman

Johnson-Harriott, Judine                                 (M.A. English)
Fleeing an Unjust Society or Finding Themselves?: A Study of Two African-American Writers’ Quest for Social Mobility and Personal Dignity
Advisor: James Davis

Katz, Nechama (Nikki)                                   (M.A. English)
Does Biphobia Exist in the Literary Criticism of Shakespeare’s Sonnets?
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Klein, Tamara                                                  (M.A. English)
On the Edge: Woman and Marginality in the Short Stories of Katherine Mansfield
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Marquez, Patricia                                            (M.A. English)
Intentionality and the New Signification: Language Theory from Saussure, Barthes, and Searle
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

McCarthy, Eileen                                            (M.A. English)
The Function of Geography in Paule Marshall’s The Chosen Place, the Timeless People
Advisor: Renison J. Gonsalves

McLinden, Cameron                                       (M.A. English)
The Banks of Poverty: Lack and the Threat of Lack in Continental Drift
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Mulcahey, Laura                                             (M.A. English)
The Loss of Anonymity: Public Exposure from Tabloid Reporting to the Pages of Facebook
Advisor: Robert Viscusi

Nance, William                                               (M.A. English)
Duality in Dialectics: Uncertainty in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Orlando, Anthony                                           (M.A. Fiction)
The Strange Stranger: Isolation and Guilt in the Lyrical Ballads
Advisor: Karl Steel

Othman, Rihab                                                (M.A. English)
“Isnad” The Islamic Chain of Narrators: Adherence to the Cultural Echo
Advisor: Karl Steel

Parasram, Shoba                                              (M.A. English)
A Barbaric Civilization: A Look at Blacks and Whites in Behn’s Oroonoko and Earle’s Obi
Advisor: Ana Acosta

Pazmino-Martinez, Ivette                               (M.A. English)
Sarah Stickney Ellis: Angel and Antagonist
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Pierluigi, Melanie                                            (M.A. English)
Trauma in the Body: Memory and Dissociation in Anne Michaels’s Fugitive Pieces
Advior: Geoffrey Minter

Pike, Stephanie                                               (M.A. English)
On the Waterfront: Modernity and Modernism in South Brooklyn 
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Ralph, Aubria                                                  (M.A. English)
Time and Creativity: Defining the Relationship Between Time and Creativity
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Reilly, Abby                                                    (M.A. English)
Seeing and Remembering September 11th in Post-9/11 Literature
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Roy, Suklima                                                  (M.A. English)
Language Bytes: Linguistic Changes Arising from Electronic Communication
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Siskind, Andrew                                             (M.A. English)
Motions of Abstraction and Entropy: The Ecology of A. R. Ammons’ Garbage
Advisor: Ben Lerner

Sotirakis, Sia                                                   (M.A. English)
Jane Eyre: Adaptability and Ascendancy
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Spencer, Stephen                                            (M.A. English)
Matter and Metaphor, Memory and Narrative: A Study of John Milton’s Paradise Lost
Advisor: Kate Haley

Tekten, Tutsak                                                            (M.A. English)
“An Incurable Imperfection in the Very Essence of the Present”
Advisor: Janet Moser

Telesford, Nadine                                           (M.A. English)
Whiteness in The Bluest Eye and Song of Solomon
Advisor: James Davis

Truscello, Joseph                                             (M.A. English)
The Commodified Self: Identity in Philip Roth’s Goodbye, Columbus and John Updike’s Rabbit, Run
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Vogl, Raquel                                                   (M.A. English)
An Examination of Voice, Class, and Gender in The Nun’s Priest’s Tale and The Owl and the Nightingale
Advisor: Karl Steel

Waller, Samantha                                            (M.A. English)
The Construction of Sexual Identity in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Michael Cunningham’s The Hours
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Walsh, Trevor                                                  (M.A. English)
Dining from His Plate: Union with God in Angela of Foligno
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Warsager, Allegra                                           (M.A. English)
“It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City”: Negotiating Race and Class in Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude and Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Washington, Donna-lyn                                  (M.A. English)
The Theme of Diaspora in the Edwidge Danticat Novel
Advisor: Renison Gonsalves

2008-2009 Approved Master’s Theses

Akyeampong, Claudia                        (M.F.A. Poetry)
Rumblings from A Talking Drum
Advisor: Lou Asekoff

Baez, John                                           (M.A. English)
Oral Otherness: Written Utterance in the Prison Writings of Oscar Wilde and Jean Genet
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Bagatourian, Bianca                            (M.F.A. Playwriting)
Remnants of a Liquid World
Advisor: Mac Wellman

Baker, Annie                                       (M.F.A. Playwriting)
Circle Mirror Transformation
Advisor: Mac Wellman

Barker, Tanya                                      (M.A. English)
The Paradox of the Thing: British Imperialism and the Making of a British National Identity
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Bartnik, Catherine                               (M.A. English)
Becoming the Grail King: Fate and Development in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival
Advisor: Karl Steel

Beckim, Chad                                     (M.F.A. Playwriting)
Advisor: Mac Wellman

Brown, Donald                                   (M.A. English)
Impressionism Along the Shores of Balbec: The Practice of Impressionism in Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
Advisor: Janet Moser

Brule, Michelle                                    (M.F.A. Poetry)
Where the Wind Blows
Advisor: Julie Agoos

Carey, Anna                                       (M.F.A. Fiction)
The Leftovers
Advisor: Fiona Maazel

Childers, Jodie                                   (M.F.A. Poetry)
Private Property
Advisor: Julie Agoos

D’Alessandro, Mario David               (M.A. English)
Contextualizing Alisoun: A Survey and Evaluation of Competing Critical Approaches to “The Wife of Bath” and her Quest for Power and Ability to “Speak”
Advisor: Karl Steel

Deal, Lance                                         (M.F.A. Poetry)
The Spine of the Snowman
Advisor: Julie Agoos

DiGiacomo, Jason                               (M.A. English)
Waugh in the 21st Century: An Examination of Evelyn Waugh’s Comedic World
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Dobran, Ryan                                      (M.A. English)
Clarity and Silence in George Oppen’s “Of Being Numerous”
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Fraggetta, Amanda                             (M.A. English)
Discovering America: Reimagining Nabokov’s Lolita as a Travel Narrative
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Gartland, Neal                                    (M.F.A. Poetry)
The Viscous Jamboree
Advisor: Julie Agoos

Ginger, Kelly                                      (M.F.A. Poetry)
Here, Now, Always
Advisor: Julie Agoos

Gioe, Jamie                                         (M.A. English)
Oedipa and the Riddle of Reality in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Goettel, Diane                                     (M.A. English)
Identity in Space and Place: Perspectives on Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Grushkin, Daniel                                 (M.F.A. Fiction)
Stories of the Hour
Advisor: Jenny Offill

Harte, Erin                                          (M.F.A. Fiction)
Don’t Scare Her Off Before She Starts: A Short Story Collection
Advisor: Fiona Maazel

Hauser, Christina                                (M.F.A. Fiction)
Coast is Clear: A Novel
Advisor: Jenny Offill

Herceg, Jozeph                                    (M.A. English)
Live Through This: J.G. Ballard’s Crash, Martin Amis’s London Fields, and the New Necropolis
Advisor: James Davis

Holland, Timothy                                (M.A. English)
The Troubles in Joyce’s Dublin: Political, Religious, and Literary Hegemony in Ulysses and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Advisor: Moustafa Bayoumi

Hopes, Adrianne                                 (M.F.A. Fiction)
Dirty Little Animals
Advisor: Ernesto Mestre

Islam, Tanwi                                       (M.F.A. Fiction)
Bright Lines
Advisor: Fiona Maazel

Kikoler, Jennifer                                 (M.F.A. Fiction)
On the Head of a Thief Burns His Hat: Stories
Advisor: Amy Hempel

Krywicki, Jarad                                   (M.A. English)
Hamlet Goes Whaling: Suspension and Interpretive Deferment in Hamlet and Moby-Dick
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Ladjache, Siobhan                              (M.A. English)
Derrida’s Hostile Hospitality: Re-imagining Belonging
Advisor: Moustafa Bayoumi

Lemkowitz, Jake                                 (M.F.A. Fiction)
Advisor: Catherine Texier

Lewington, Robert                              (M.A. English)
The Alchemist in Performance: Staging Ben Jonson for the Contemporary Audience
Advisor: Martin Elsky

Lioce, Michael                                    (M.A. English)
An Introduction to Flashman
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Lucadamo, Elizabeth                          (M.A. English)
The Struggle for Identity: Individual Identity as defined by Individual Trial and Experience versus Identity as a Function of Societal Enforced Roles
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Macrides, Kalle                                   (M.F.A. Playwriting)
Advisor: Mac Wellman

Mantia, Cheryl                                    (M.A. English)
The Gothic Catholic: A Study of How Catholicism is Presented in Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian, or The Confessional of the Black Penitents (1797)
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Marschall, Wythe                                (M.F.A. Fiction)
The Gyrosphyrinx; or, L’Incroyable Pouvoir Des Filature Harpie: A Novel
Advisor: Jenny Offill

McQuibban, Samantha                       (M.F.A. Poetry)
Split Tongue
Advisor: Julie Agoos

Miller, David                                       (M.F.A. Poetry)
Field Recordings
Advisor: Marjorie Welish

Murtha, Megan                                   (M.A. English)
“Time Passes” in Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse As A Framed Work Of Post-Impressionism
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Neale, Julia                                          (M.A. Liberal Studies)
Conscious Identity: An Introductory Analysis of the Components of Personal Identity
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Olga Pester                                          (M.F.A. Poetry)
window open/window closed
Advisor: Julie Agoos

Ostrowski, Julie                                  (M.A. English)
How Joyce Carol Oates Explores Urban Crises in Them and The Falls
Advisor: Julia Hirsch

Oyola, Osvaldo                                   (M.A. English)
Collection, Identity and the Narratives of Brooklyn in Jonathan Lethem’s The Fortress of Solitude
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Parfrey, Ian                                         (M.F.A. Poetry)
Brain Surgery with Fork
Advisor: Richard Pearse

Plaunt, Chloe                                      (M.F.A. Fiction)
New Moon: Stories
Advisor: Josh Henkin

Price, Jeffrey                                       (M.F.A. Fiction)
Brothers in Time
Advisor: Fiona Maazel

Quartuccio, Peter                                (M.A. English)
The Analyst and the Unknown: Objective and Subjective Detective Fiction in Poe and Joyce
Advisor: Geoff Minter

Russo, Joseph                                      (M.A. English)
Queer Shamanism: Genet’s Thresholds of Becoming
Advisor: Karl Steel

Sande, Melissa                                     (M.A. English)
Double Entendre: Hybrid Culture as the Psychological Equivalent of Sexual Trauma in Jean Rhys’s Postcolonial Novels
Advisor: Moustafa Bayoumi

Sherwood, Normandy                        (M.F.A.  Playwriting)
Switch Blade Girls
Advisor: Mac Wellman

Skinner, Deborah                                (M.A. English)
The Issue of Women and Voice in Henry James’ The Portrait of a Lady and Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome
Advisor: James Davis

Stevens, Elizabeth                               (M.F.A. Fiction)
The Crony: A Novel
Advisor: Jenny Offill

Tandy, Catherine                                (M.A. English)
My Soul is a Pawn Shop: Consumerism and Numinism in Saul Bellow’s Henderson the Rain King
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Tucker, Lindsey                                  (M.A. English)
Lisette Model: Obscuring the Identities of Art and Documentary in Photography
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Wolff, Ian                                           (M.A. English)
Nonquest of Nonidentity in Nonplace: Postotherness in Roberto Bolano’s The Savage Detectives
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Workman, Emily                                 (M.A. English)
Gender Binaries and Imperialism: Milton’s Paradise Lost
Advisor: Kathleen Haley

2007-2008 Approved Master’s Theses

Abrahim, Anastasia                
“Jane Austen: The Realistic Romance Writer”
Advisor: Geraldine De Luca

Acloque, Serene                     
“Wandering Women of Turn- of –the Century American Literature: Situating Prostitution in The House of Mirth
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Ali, Yasmin I.                                      
“Disillusioned Mothers: Portraits of Mothers and Motherhood in Postcolonial Literature”
Advisor: Moustafa  Bayoumi

Bethge, John                          
“The Informed Citizen: The Manchurian Candidate, Catch-22, and the Struggle for Individuality” 
Advisor: Thomas Boyle

Bose, Sharbari                        
“Giving the Moment Whole: Female Narrative Silence in Bloomsbury’s Anti-Imperial Dialogue”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Callahan, Clare                       
“’After’ Theory”
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Chin, Sarah                            
“Mirrors and Memories: Dystopian Science Fiction and Empowerment in Young Adult Literature”
Advisor: James Davis

Dance Jr., Alphonso               
“Symbolism and Imagery of Denial and Acceptance in Richard Wright’s Native Son: Bigger Thomas’s Struggle to Express His Humanity”
Advisor: Marie Buncombe

Dougherty, Nivia                               
“History and Memory in Toni Morrison’s Beloved: The Conflict of Remembering and Forgetting the Past”
Advisor: Martha Nadell                     

Durka, Agnieszka                  
“The Art of Portraiture in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady
Advisor: Geoff Minter

Fairall, Holly                          
“Gnomon’s Land: The Colonial Voids of Dubliners’ ‘Childhood Trilogy’”
Advisor: Thomas Boyle

Fayerberg, Daniel                   
“Surviving Austen: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Textual Survival of Jane Austen’s Novels During the Twentieth-Century”
Advisor: William Reeves

Flippin, Lakiska                     
“The African American Feminine Gothic”
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Fuks,   Yevgenya                   
“Hyperreality Revealed: The Function and Significance of Hyperreality”
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Georgianna, Don                    
“Truman Capote and the Nonfiction Novel”
Advisor: Carey Harrison

Gersch, Jason                         
“Creating the Preface-Lens: Interpreting the Underlying Sociopolitical Dichotomies of Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Gjoni, Iva                               
“Time in Wonderland”
Advisor: Robert Viscusi

Gore, Catherine                      
“Representing Animals: Animals in Human Consciousness in Romantic Poetry”
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Heffner, Rachel                     
“Divine Imagination: ‘Words About God’ in the Children’s Fantasy Fiction of Madeline L’Engle”
Advisor: Geraldine DeLuca

Hogan, William                      
Funny Bones: Black Comedy and the Body in The Revenger’s Tragedy
Advisor: Ellen Belton

Infortunio Jr.,Thomas            
“The Re-Makynge of Gawain: Artifice, Nature and Redemption in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Lenahan, Holly                      
“Anglo-Norman vs. Parisian Influence on Chancery English”
Advisor: John Roy

Leotaud, Crystal Joanne        
“The People Could Fly: An Examination of the Negro Spirit”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Lewis, Shell               
“An Elevated State of Mind: Woolf’s Androgyny and Anzaldua’s Mestiza Consciousness”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Mitchell, Kean                                   
“On the Use of Creole in Derek Walcott’s Dream on Monkey Mountain
Advisor: John Roy

Mondano, Nicole                   
“A Study of Transnational Women Writers, Their Female Protagonists, and the Criticism That Surrounds Their Work”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Nicholson, Charlene               
“Sexuality in The House of Mirth and The Awakening
Advisor: James Davis

Rutman, Sharon                     
“Twentieth Century Hell and the Possible Utopian Alternative Through the Novels of Upton Sinclair
Advisor: Geoff Minter

Ryan, Sheila                           
“Adolescent Girls and the Scarlet Letter”
Advisor: Prof. Viscusi

Sadykov, Leah                                   
“Prisoners of Language: Revisiting the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Scanson, Thomas                   
“Marketing Manhood: Langston Hughes’s Queer Passing on The Big Sea”
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Simmons, Paulanne                
“The Musical as Literature: Notes on the Creative Process”
Advisor: Cary Harrison

Stein, Roberta                        
“The Key Factors Influencing the Depictions of Male-Female Relationships in the Novels of E.M. Foster and Virginia Woolf”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Suszynski, Christina               
“If I Am A Woman Of My Word, What Words Do I Use?”
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Tavares, Frank                        
“Complicity and Rebelliousness in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Advisor: George Cunningham

Tepas, Simon                          
“Hunter S. Thompson and the New Journalism: Fear and Loathing for the Daily News”
Advisor: Geoff Minter

Ucciardino, Jack                    
“Questions of Identity in Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, Farewell, My Lovely, The Little Sister, The Long Goodbye, and Playback”
Advisor: Robert Viscusi                                                                    
Uzzilia, Suzanne                    
“The Language of Political Estrangement in Three West Indian Novels”
Advisor: Rennie Gonsalves

Wallach, Miriam                     
“Stand By Me: Defending Lois Lowry’s The Giver Against Censorship”
Advisor: Nancy Vighetti

Wilson, Constance                 
“Gender and Education in the Works of Ama Ata Aidoo and Tsitsi Dangarembga”
Advisor: James Davis


2006-2007 Approved Masters Theses

Agius, Ryan               
“Narrative Voice and Authorial Presence in Melville’s ‘Bartleby, the Scrivener’ and Kafka’s ‘A
Hunger Artist’”
Advisor: Thomas Boyle

Arts, George              
“Reference as a Text Construction Agent with a Focus on Anaphora”
Advisor: John Roy

Beharry, Anjinie         
“What explains Milton’s God in Paradise Lost?”
Advisor: Ana Acosta

Berardi, Diane            
“An Evaluation and Case Study of E-Learning”
Advisor: Geri DeLuca

Carosone, Michael     
“The Marginalization of Italian-American Writers and Italian-American Literature”
Advisor: Geri DeLuca

Chwala, Gregory        
“Byron in Missolonghi: Greek Love and The Private Gone Public”
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Cohen, Diane             
“The Female Bildungsroman During Colonialism and Dictatorship”
Advisor: Rennison Gonsalves

Coiffe, Dorothea        
“The Alphabet is Never a Neutral Technology: A History of Writing Systems in Twentieth Century Turkmenistan and Other Areas of Central Asia”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Cox, Margaret            
“Evolution of the African American Woman’s Psyche”
Advisor: Geoffrey Minter

Cucaj, Xhenete          
“Re-Positioning the Feminine Role: A Study of Assia Djebar’s Quartet
Advisor: Moustafa Bayoumi

Davis, Maudelin         
“Henry James and His Feminine Influences”
Advisor: William F. Browne

DePasquale, Elizabeth
“A Lady’s ‘Verily’ is as Potent as a Lord’s: A Search for Non-Binary Female Subject Positions in Antony and Cleopatra and The Winter’s Tale
Advisor: Ellen Belton

English, Bridget         
“The Splendid Mirage: Bohemian New York and the Search for a Modern American Identity in Fitzgerald and Cather”
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Esdaille, Elroy            
“Race as a Social Construction in the Works of Charles Chestnutt and James Weldon Johnson”
Advisor: James Davis

Everitt, Ryan              
“The Connotative Denaturalization of Bleak House”
Advisor: Ellen Tremper

Fogarty, Patrick         
“Exodic or Hybrid Literature? A Post-Colonial Analysis of Swift’s Drapier’s Letters and Joyce’s
Advisor: Patricia Laurence

Gaske, Jaime              
“Realizing Myths and Symbols in Contemporary Literature”
Advisor:  Nancy Vighetti

Gutman, Emilya         
“To Be or Not to Be ‘Black No More’: The Essential Dilemma of the Harlem Renaissance”
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Hoffman, Rabecca     
“Gender Differences in Cinematic Storytelling Styles: Bound vs. High Art
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Holmes, Renee           
“Charles Chestnutt’s Paul Marchand, FMC and Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson: The Reconstruction of Race and the Revision of Slavery”
Advisor: George Cunningham

Huliaris, Eugenia        
“The Paradigm Shift from New Criticism to Feminism in Daisy Miller and The Age of
Advisor: James Davis

Jones, Tashara            
“An Investigation Through the Thinking of Bigger Thomas: In Richard Wright’s Native Son
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Korbl, Angela            
“Out of the House of Arabic into the House of Latin”
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

Lemma, Erica             
“The Battle for Equality: Huck Finn and the Color Line”
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Lukszo, Ursula           
“Geography of the Ordinary: Locating BioPolitics in “The Time Before” and the Time Now in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale
Advisor: Rowena Lee Quinby

Maharaj, Nira             
“Mule/Muse: Women in Jean Toomer’s Cane and Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men
Advisor: Martha Nadell

McCabe, Matthew     
“An Examination of January in Chaucer’s ‘Merchant’s Tale’”
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

McGee, Kristi            
“Oedipa Maas in Pursuit of Signs”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Murphy-Wedlock, Kristine
“Female Empowerment in a Time of Crisis: Fierce and Forceful Females in The Grapes of    Wrath
Advisor: Joseph Entin

Moss, Tinamarie         
“Children’s Literature: An Archetypal Journey”
Advisor: Geri DeLuca

Navarro, Lauren         
“Jane’s Mission of Agency: An Ethos of Domestic Happiness”
Advisor: Ellen Tremper”

Nemtsin, Karina         
“The Demystification of Female Sexuality and Identity in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Nugent, Patrick          
“Gifts for the Great Potluck: Metaphor and Form in Danger on Peaks
Advisor: Matthew Burgess

Plunkett, Michael       
“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Flann O’Brien’s At Swim Two Birds and the Horizontal Use    of Literary Reference”
Advisor: Robert Viscusi

Polenski, Michael       
“Ernest Hemingway’s Nick Adams: In the Woodlands of the Ojibway”
Advisor: Robert Viscusi

Porter, Julia                
“ ‘There Be Soul-Artists’: The Effects of the Spiritualism Movement on Harriet Beecher Stowe’s The Minister’s Wooing
Advisor: Patricia Laurence

Roslyn, Rey               
“Empowering Women Through African Literature”
Advisor: Geri DeLuca

Shetty, Shilpa             
“Globalization and Tourism in A Small Place, The God of Small Things and Transmission
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Shury, Donna             
“African Guyanese Folk Music: A Cultural Heritage”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Starr, Jessica               
“The Shadow Heroics of Social Masochism in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre
Advisor: Wendy Fairey

Teitel, Michael           
“The Imperial Smile: Notes on the Face of Imperialism”
Advisor: Dillon Brown

Tescher, Jeremy          
“Words are Things: The Significance of Language in Blood Meridian
Advisor: James Davis

Thame, Nicola         
“Ideologies Challenged and Then Reaffirmed: Wide Sargasso Sea’s Assumption of Colonial Power ”
Advisor: Dillon Brown

Vella, Tinamarie         
“The Forgotten Blemish: Remembering Filipino History Through Literature”
Advisor: Renison Gonsalves

Washington, Phyllis   
“Ebonics – A Legitimate Language”
Advisor: Mark Patkowski

Wei, Zhaoxia              
 “Nineteeth Century New York City in Washington Square and The House of Mirth
Advisor: Martha Nadell

Willis, Karen              
“Black Women Writers and Virginia Woolf’s Androgynous Mind
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro

John Yi                       
“Identity and Chinese Aesthetics in Ezra Pound’s The Cantos
Advisor: Nicola Masciandaro