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EESC Doctoral Program
Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
3137 Ingersoll Hall
Tel: 718-951-5416
Fax: 718-951-4753
HOME Welcome! The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (formerly the Department of Geology) offers BA, BS, and MA degrees in Earth and Environmental Science. We partner with the School of Education to offer an Earth Science Teacher BA, and a Master of Arts of Teaching (MAT) in Earth Science. Faculty in Earth and Environmental Science participate in PhD Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center.
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Programs/Requirements EESC is committed to place-based learning and research that emphasizes the unique nature of our urban coastal environment. Well-established partnerships with the stewards of our local parklands and waterways allow our students to study, learn from, and teach about our local environment. In the process, our students help to improve the quality of both the constructed and natural environments that comprise New York City, and gain essential workplace skills for careers in the Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and in Earth Science Education.
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Administrative Assistant:

Joseph DeStefano

for general inquiries

Department Chair: Wayne Powell for Earth Science teacher advisement and
general inquiries
Undergraduate Deputy: David Seidemann for undergraduate advisement and
transfer evaluation
Graduate Deputy: John Chamberlain for graduate advisement