12:45 - 2:15 • Gold Room, Student Center, sixth floor
1. The Story of Us: Results of the Brooklyn College Diversity Climate Survey Jennifer Rubain, Office of Affirmative Action, Compliance, and Diversity Nancy Hager, Conservatory of Music

2. Public vs. Private: Social Networking Sites and How Our Students Share Information Online Alycia Sellie, Library Patrick Kavanagh, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

3. Recent Trends in Graduate Programs Louise Hainline, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

4. Gateway Mathematics Courses: Focus on Student Success Anthony Clement, Mathematics Sandra Kingan, Mathematics

5. The Elephant Man in the Center of the Room: Disability Studies in the Humanities Stephanie Jensen-Moulton, Conservatory of Music Yoon-Joo Lee, Education

6. Marketing Project Safe Zone at Brooklyn College Florence Rubinson, Education Paul McCabe, Education Eliza Dragowski, Education Beth Ferholt, Education

7. Puerto Rican Studies and the Civil Rights Era: Forty Years and Counting María Pérez y González, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Antonio Nadal, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies Alan Aja, Puerto Rican and Latino Studies

8. Multilingual Matters: Instructing Brooklyn College Students from Multiple Language Backgrounds Victoria Nunez, Education Isabelle Barriere, Speech Communication Arts and Sciences Niesha Ziehmke, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies

9. Learning and Cognition: What Do You Think About What Students Think About How They (Should) Think? Aaron Kozbelt, Psychology

10. The Teaching Portfolio: Documenting the Art and Practice of Your Teaching Amy Hughes, Theater Herman F. Jiesamfoek, Education

11. Trust and Betrayal in Academia Deborah Shanley, Dean of School of Education Jerry Mirotznik, Associate Provost