M.A. in Judaic studies
HEGIS code 0309

Matriculation requirements
Applicants must offer at least 18 credits in advanced undergraduate courses in Judaic studies or the equivalent. Applicants must offer minimal competency in the Hebrew language equivalent to two years of college-level Hebrew.

An interview is required at the time of application. General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies are in the section “Admission.” General matriculation and admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Studies can be found in the Brooklyn College Graduate Bulletin (Graduate Bulletin).

Degree requirements

Thirty credits are required for the degree.

Courses in Judaic studies are grouped in the following areas of study:

A. 1. Bible: Judaic Studies 704X, 706X, 707X, 708X, 782.1X.
    2. Talmud and Midrash: Judaic Studies 711X, 712X, 714X, 715X, 782.2X.
B. 3. Jews of Central and Western Europe: Judaic Studies 720X, 722X, 723X, 724X, 782.3X.
    4. Jews of Eastern Europe: Judaic Studies 730X, 731X, 732X, 736X, 782.4X.
    5. Holocaust: Judaic Studies 747X, 748X, 749X, 750X, 782.5X.
C. 6. Jews of America: Judaic Studies 741X, 742X, 744X, 749X, 782.6X.
    7. Israel and the Middle East: Judaic Studies 751X, 751.1X, 752X, 754X, 782.7X.
    8. Modern Jewish Thought: Judaic Studies 720X, 754X, 760X, 761X, 782.8X.

Students must complete 21 credits in courses in the Judaic Studies Department. The following courses are required: four courses in one of the eight areas of study (selected from one of the categories A, B, or C); and at least one additional course selected from each of the two other categories (A, B, or C). Students who choose to write a thesis are required to take Judaic Studies 783G. The remaining 9 credits required for the degree may be in courses in other departments, or outside the college, with the approval of the chairperson.

Before completing 18 credits, students must pass an advanced language examination, administered by the department, which tests their ability to read and comprehend Hebrew or another foreign language pertinent to their area of specialization and approved by the department.

After completing all course work, except Judaic Studies 783G, students must pass a comprehensive examination or submit a thesis acceptable to the department. Students who choose to submit a thesis may do so only with the approval of the department.

Information about the thesis and comprehensive examination is in the section “Academic Regulations and Procedures.”

Graduate Courses

Schedule of Classes