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  CARR, VIKKI (1940– )
Born Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez Cardona in El Paso, Texas, Vikki Carr never imagined she would one day sing for the Queen of England and U.S. presidents. Music centered her life and at age eighteen, using the stage name “Carlita,” she sang with a band in Palm Springs. By 1961she landed a contract with Liberty Records. Her hit song “He’s a Rebel” was followed by another hit single, “It Must Be Him,” featured in the movie Moonstruck (1987). She changed “Carlita” to Carr and added Vikki as her first name. Columbia Records recorded her first Spanish-language album in 1972. Carr holds three Grammy awards: Best Mexican-American Performance for “Simplemente mujer” (1985); Best Latin Pop Album for “Cosas del amor” (1992); Best Mexican-American Performance, Vocal or Instrumental, for “Recuerdo a Javier Solis” (1995). Carr has appeared on television, performed in theater and on the radio. In 1971 she founded the Vikki Carr Scholarship Foundation.


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