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  HUERTA, DOLORES (1930– )
Huerta established herself as an extraordinary Chicana labor leader in the National Farm Workers Association, later the United Farm Workers, an organization formed in 1962 with Cesar Chavez. A California native, Huerta attended Stockton High School and earned an Associate Degree and provisional teaching credentials, but she was drawn to community work where she could improve the plight of workers. Initially a volunteer with the Community Service Organization, Huerta ultimately joined Chavez to address the needs of migrant farm workers. Utilizing grass roots mobilization, Huerta was instrumental in building a strong union that attracted national attention. Following five years of struggle in the grape fields and industry-wide boycotts, Huerta negotiated binding contracts with the growers. An indomitable activist, and the mother of eleven children, Huerta continues to advocate for the working class.



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