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Associate Professor of Mathematics

Contact information:

Office:   Room 1317, Old Ingersoll Hall
Phone:   718-951-5600 (x 2710)
Fax:       718-951-4674
Email:      rchamanara@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Website:   http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/rchamanara/

Office Hours (Spring 2016): Room 1119b, Ingersoll Hall

Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Advisement Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

Current Courses:

    Math 1201
    IA 234
    T 2:15pm - 3:30pm, TH 1:25pm - 3:30pm
    Math 2201
    IA 137
    T - TH 6:05pm - 7:45pm

    Research interests:
    • Combinatorial Geometry
    • Riemann surfaces and Teichmuller spaces
    • Kleinian groups
    • Applied Analysis
    • Hyperbolic geometry
    • Real and complex dynamics
    • Projective and affine structures on surfaces
    • Topology of 3-manifolds
    • Complex analysis

    Selected publications:

    • "A Hyperelliptic Realization of the Horseshoe and Baker Maps." Joint with F. P. Gardiner and N. Lakic, Erg. Th. & Dyn Sys. volume 26, Issue 6, (2006) pages 1749--1768. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2006
    • "Finite Simultaneous Bending." Conform. Geom. Dyn. 10 (2006), 203-226. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2006
    • "Affine Automorphism Groups of Surfaces of Infinite Yype", In the Tradition of Ahlfors and Bers, III, Contemporary Mathematics Proceedings, July 2004. (Books and Publications: Peer Reviewed Article) 2004