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Mathematics Professor

Contact information:

Office:   Room 1146, Old Ingersoll Hall
Phone:  718-951-5246
Fax:      718-951-4674
Email:   DFinston@brooklyn.cuny.edu

Office Hours (Spring 2014):

Monday and Wednesday, 11:00am - 12:15pm and by appointment.

Current Courses:
    Math 4101
    137 NE
    M - W, 12:25-2:05pm

Research Interests:
  • Affine Algebraic Geometry

Selected Publications:
  • (with Dubouloz, A. and Jaradat, I.) Equivariant triviality of quasimonomial triangular Ga-actions on A4. Groups in Affine and Birational Geometry, Springer Proceedings on Mathematics and Statistics.

  • (with Dubouloz, A.) Proper twin triangular Ga-actions are translations. Proc. AMS. 142 (2014). 1513 - 1526.
  • (with Dubouloz, A.) Exotic affine 3-spheres. J. Algebraic Geometry (to appear).
  • (with Derksen, H., v.d. Essen, A., Maubach, S.) Unipotent group actions on affine varieties. J Algebra. 336 (2011). 200 - 208.
  • (with Maubach, S.) Constructing (almost) rigid rings and a UFD having infinitely generated Derksen and Makar-Limanov invariant. Can. Math. Bull. 53 (2010). 77 - 86.
  • (with Maubach, S.) The automorphism group of certain factorial three-folds and a cancellation problem. Israel J. Math. 163 (2008). 369 - 381.