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Associate Professor of Mathematics

Contact information:

Office:    Room 2313, Old Ingersoll Hall
Phone:    718-951-5600 (ext 2722)
Email:     stephen.preston@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Web site: http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/Stephen.Preston/ 

Office Hours (Spring 2016):
Monday and Wednesday- 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Current Courses:



Math 4201
IA 330
M - W 3:40pm - 4:55pm
Math 2206 IH 3413 M - W 6:05pm - 7:45pm

Research interests:

Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Fluid Mechanics

Selected publications:

(with G. Misiolek) Fredholm properties of Riemannian exponential maps on diffeomorphism groups. Invent. Math. (2009).

The motion of whips and chains. J. Diff. Eq. (2011).

(with B. Khesin, J. Lenelis, and G. Misiolek) Geometry of diffeomorphism groups, complete integrability and geometric statistics. GAFA (2013).

(with D. G. Ebin) Riemannian geometry of the contactomorphism group. Arnold Math. J. (2015).

(with M. Bauer and B. Kolev) Geometric investigations of a vorticity model equation. J. Diff. Eq. (2016).