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Professor of Mathematics

Contact information:

Office:     Room 1119d, Old Ingersoll Hall
Phone:     718-951-5600 (x 5248)
Email:     jvelling@brooklyn.cuny.edu
Website:  http://userhome.brooklyn.cuny.edu/jvelling/BCjob/

At the CUNY Graduate Center (365 Fifth Avenue), my office is room 4307.
The telephone number is 212-817-8553 or 8554.

Office Hours (Spring 2016):

Room 0105 -  Ingersoll Hall - M - W, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Current courses:

Math 2501
IH 0105
M - W, 11:00am - 12:15pm
Math 1201
IH 0105
M - W, 3:40pm - 5:20pm
Math 1206
IH 0105
M - W, 6:05pm - 7:45pm

Research interests:

My research interests have been focused on geometric function theory and its various components: complex analysis, differential geometry, ergodic theory and dynamical systems.

Selected Publications:
  • Mapping the disk to convex subregions
  • Existence and uniqueness of complete constant mean curvature surfaces at infinity of H
  • Harmonic Measure, Infinite Kernels, and Symmetrization
  • Conformal irregularity for Denjoy diffeomorphisms of the 2-torus
  • Notes on projective structures and Kleinian groups
  • Degeneration of quasicircles: inner and outer radii of Teichm\"uller spaces
  • A sufficient condition for Teichm\"{u}ller spaces to have smallest possible inner radii
  • On inner radii of Teichm\"{u}ller spaces
  • The action at infinity of conservative groups of hyperbolic motions need not have atoms
  • The uniformization of rectangles, an exercise in Schwarz's lemma
  • Recurrent Fuchsian groups whose Riemann surfaces have infinite dimensional spaces of bounded harmonic functions