Alisa Simonel-Keegan
Adjunct Lecturer,
Scene and Collaborative Painting

Alisa Simonel-Keegan (Brooklyn College)


MA (expected 2019), Performing Arts Adminstration (additional VAA and MBA courses), New York University
Cobalt Studios
BFA, Design and Production Scenic Art, UNC School of the Arts

Alisa Simonel-Keegan has spent over 25 years as a professional Scenic and Fine Artist, Executive & Line Producer, Project Coordinator, Manager, Fundraiser, and Designer across multiple mediums creating and facilitating visually stunning immersive environments and fine paintings for theatre, high-end interiors, and film. She co-founded Keegan’s Mission Creative Inc., dedicated to propagating, teaching, and preserving traditional scene painting styles in various mediums is based in NYC, NC, and CA. Clients for artistry include Nike, Adidas, NYC Opera Candide, JCDP, Disney Tokyo Ikispari, Utopia Entertainment, BB&T Stadium, and City of Beverly Hills. As Producer, The Devil and the Deep Off-Broadway at The Mint Theatre showcased a 90% upcycled and trompe l'oeil set. Executive production includes the international documentary series "Artist Next Gen," feature film Sisters of Terror, and short "A Land in The Clouds." Additional producing credits include the BOSSS Festival in Hudson River Park and the collaboration ballet she co-wrote This Place. Alisa volunteers with Broadway Green Alliance (Green Captain) and teaches children’s art and sustainability at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival.