Participating Faculty

Margaret Araneo
Assistant Professor, Program Head/MA Theater History & Criticism

Rose Burnett Bonczek
Professor, Program Head/BFA Acting

Thomas Bullard
Professor, Program Head/MFA Directing

Mary Beth Easley
Artistic Director, Associate Professor, Audition Technique and Scene Study

Amy E. Hughes
Associate Professor, Theater History & Criticism

Victor (Kip) Marsh
Associate Professor, Theater Department Chairperson, Program Head/Design & Technical Theater

Helen E. Richardson
Associate Professor, Theater History & Criticism

Teresa Snider-Stein
Associate Professor, Costume Design

Tobie S. Stein
Professor, Program Head/MFA Performing Arts Management, Tow Professor (2011–12)

Laura Tesman
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Deputy Chairperson

Lynn M. Thomson
Professor, Dramaturgy and American Theater

Justin Townsend
Assistant Professor, Lighting Design

Judylee Vivier
Professor, Program Head/MFA Acting

Technical Theater Staff

Michael Hairston
Technical Director – Lighting and Sound

Deborah Hertzberg
Costume Shop Supervisor

Sarah Iams
Costume Draper

Michael Redman
Assistant Technical Director

Jeff Stiefel
Technical Director

Office Staff

Jaclyn Smerling
Administrative Assistant

Pei-Wen Huang-Shea
College Assistant

CUNY Graduate Center PhD Teaching Fellows

Corinne Tamler, Jennie Youssef

Graduate Teaching Fellows

Geovonday Jones, James Morgan, Polly Noonan, Kevin Ray, Elizabeth Rugg-Hinds, Jorge Sanchez-Diaz, Sabra Shelly, Anna Strasser

Professors Emeritus

Robert I. Cohen
Associate Professor of Stage Management and Productions

Rebecca Cunningham
Professor of Costume and Head of Costume Shop

David Garfield

Polina Klimovitskaya
Assistant Professor of Acting

Samuel L. Leiter
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Theater, Department Chair

Margaret Linney

Benito Ortolani


Adjunct Faculty

Andrea Aranguren
Adjunct Lecturer, College Now Program

Jason Aylesworth, Esq.
Adjunct Lecturer, The Performing Arts and the Law (Sendroff & Baruch, LLP)

Jessica Bathurst
Adjunct Lecturer, Theater Management

Mark Blum
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Contemporary Scene Study, Chekhov, Shaw, and Ibsen Scene Study

Christopher Brockmeyer
Adjunct Lecturer, Labor and Employee Relations for the Performing Arts (Director of Employee Benefit Funds, The Broadway League)

Bethany Caputo
Adjunct Lecturer, Michael Chekhov Technique

Michael Chin
Adjunct Associate Professor, Stage Combat

Gary Cowling
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Acting for the Camera

RIchard Crawford
Adjunct Lecturer, Improvisation/Movement

Charlotte Fleck
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dialect & Diction

Robert Friend
Adjunct Lecturer, Promotion and Marketing for the Performing Arts (Vice President, Business Development & Strategy, Patron Technology)

Emma Halpern
Adjunct Lecturer, Theater in the Classroom (Co-Artistic Director, New York City Children's Theater)

Liz Hayes
Adjunct Lecturer, Dialect, Diction, Shakespeare

Niluka Hotaling
Adjunct Lecturer, Drafting, Stagecraft, Intro to Theatre Production and Props Construction

Pei-Wen Huang-Shea
Adjunct Lecturer, Scenic Design

Jim Jack
Adjunct Lecturer, Acting/Shakespeare, Voice 3

Michael Colby Jones
Adjunct Lecturer, Applied Voice & Movement, Shakespeare, Acting Workshop I & II, Intro to Acting, Intro to Theatre

Jeremy Kraus
Adjunct Lecturer, Technology and the Performing Arts (Executive Director of Client Services, Situation Interactive)

Roger Manix
Adjunct Lecturer, Acting 2 – Contemporary Scene Study, Acting 3 – Modern American Realism, Movement – Anatomical Storytelling, Senior Showcase, Senior Thesis, Acting Workshop 1 &2

Patrick Mulryan
Adjunct Lecturer, Diction, Shakespeare

Tom O'Connor
Adjunct Lecturer, Promotion and Marketing for the Performing Arts (Director, Enterprise Consulting, Tessitura Network)

Michelle Preston
Adjunct Lecturer, Fundraising for the Performing Arts (Executive Director, SITI Company)

Mary B. Robinson
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Directing

Marc Routh
Adjunct Lecturer, Business and Management for the Performing Arts (President, Marc Routh Productions)

Andrey Shenin
Adjunct Lecturer, Theater Design and Planning (Director of Operations, New York City Center)

Manuel Simons
Adjunct Lecturer, Introduction to Acting, Acting Workshop, History of Western Theater, Performance Techniques: Solo Performance, Performance Techniques: Theater for Social Change

Laura Smith
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Alexander Technique

Eugene Solfanelli
Adjunct Lecturer, Stage Combat

Andrea Sweeney
Adjunct Lecturer, Labor and Employee Relations for the Performing Arts (President, 181 Consulting, Inc.)

Jolie Tong
Adjunct Lecturer, Devising and Collaboration Creation, Introduction to Acting, Devising Workshop, Performance Techniques: Audition Workshop, Directing II

Ian Wen
Adjunct Lecturer, Movement for the Actor III

Welker White
Adjunct Lecturer, The Art and Craft of Acting in Film and Television, Acting Workshop I and II, Introduction to Acting, Introduction to Theater

Patrick Willingham
Adjunct Lecturer, Seminar in Performing Arts Management (Executive Director, The Public Theater)

Harold Wolpert
Adjunct Lecturer, Seminar in Performing Arts Management (Managing Director, Roundabout Theatre Company)

Francine Zerfas
Adjunct Lecturer, Catherine Fitzmaurice Voice Technique