The purpose of the Performing Arts Management Program is to provide an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the performing arts, to help them acquire an understanding of business theories and techniques and the application of these to the performing arts, and to assist them in gaining a variety of meaningful work experiences in the field through internships and professional residencies.

Program Description

A total of 60 credits are required to complete the program. The first semester is designed as a foundation in basic research techniques, arts management principles and business practices. The next two semesters offer an intensive study of the different specializations that comprise the field of performing arts management. The fourth and final semester offers an advanced seminar in addition to a full-time, salaried professional residency on which the student bases an in-depth Evaluation Report. All classes are held in the evening so that students may fulfill internships during the day throughout their first three semesters. Students intern with leading arts organizations, changing their jobs each semester in order to broaden their experiences, strengthen their resumes, and grow networks of professional contacts. Being in the workplace and the classroom throughout the program creates an exciting dynamic as experience and theory are constantly exchanged and discussed within the context of both environments.

Core Curriculum

During the first semester all courses are taught on the Brooklyn campus. Thereafter, most are offered in Manhattan. Descriptions of the following core courses are provided in the Brooklyn College Graduate Bulletin. Courses are three credits each, except as otherwise noted:

* Principles of Performing Arts Management
* History of Theatre to 1642; History of Theatre from 1642
* Financial and Managerial Accounting
* Business Management for the Performing Arts
* Promotion and Marketing for the Performing Arts
* The Performing Arts and the Law
* Technology and the Performing Arts
* Labor Relations for the Performing Arts
* Fundraising for the Performing Arts
* Seminar in Performing Arts Management: Programming and Management for the Performing Arts
* Theater Design and Planning
* Artistic/Managerial Decision Making in the Performing Arts
* Internships (3 semesters/4 credits each/minimum of 200 hours)
* Professional Residency and Thesis Report (6 credits/4-month full-time residency resulting in detailed thesis report)