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Dear Prospective Student,

As one of the oldest and best known arts management programs in the country, the program recruits students who are seeking to enhance and build their career path in the performing arts fields through experiencing a practical class education with industry leaders and a structured four-semester internship and residency program with three-to-four different professional commercial and non-profit arts organizations.

Recent graduates are working in the following organizations:
Disney Theatricals
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Dunch Arts
Metropolitan Opera
New Georges
SITI Company
The Public Theater

For more information about the program, please feel free to contact Interim Program Head Jessica Bathurst at 718-677-6173 or by email at

Warmest regards,  

Tobie Stein, PhD
MFA Program in Performing Arts Management
Brooklyn College

Tobie S. Stein (Brooklyn College Performing Arts Management Program)         Leadship in the Performing Arts by Tobie Stein

Tobie at the National Taiwan Normal University at NTNU's Graduate Institute of Performing Arts Management with Director Kang-Kuo Ho's graduate students and with Professor Duo-Lin Peng's undergraduate students.

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