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Soldier X
by Rehana Lew Mirza
directed by Terry Berliner
Fri Feb 17 - Sat Feb 25
Soldier X (Brooklyn College 2017)

The veterans in Solider X are now home, striving
to overcome abuses on and off the field of combat,
with little support. Playwright Rehana Lew Mirza
examines what happens when our culture collides
with long-held institutional beliefs. How are American
Muslims impacted by a war largely fought against
those who share their faith? What is the value placed
on female bodies in a war zone, whether in a uniform
or not? How far will we go in the name of honor?
Viewed through the lens of an inadequate mental health
system, Soldier X could be any of the nameless vets
returning from war, trying to navigate civilian life
and realities imposed by gender, religion, and race.



The Brooklyn College Department of Theater produces seven to ten shows a year — up to four Mainstage productions in the proscenium-style Whitman Theater and up to six "black box" productions in the 120-seat New Workshop Theater — directed by faculty and MFA directing candidates.

These shows provide undergraduate and graduate students plenty of hands-on experience in all phases of theatrical production.

This production activity also provides cultural enrichment for the community, which has shown great appreciation and support for departmental productions.

For information and reservations, call 718-951-4500.

In 2012, Brooklyn College broke ground to build the new Tow Center for the Performing Arts, a state of the art theater facility housing the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts, the Music Department, and the Theater Department.

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