Thomas Bullard
Program Head
312A Whitehead Hall
718-951-5000 x2765

MFA Directing Info Sheet (Brooklyn College) MFA Directing Info Sheet
Royal Jelly (Brooklyn College 2017)
Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo (Brooklyn College 2015)
Gingham Dog (Brooklyn College 2013)
The Altruists (Brooklyn College 2012)


The MFA program in Directing is designed to train directors to perform with distinction and leadership in professional theater.

Many of our recent graduates are now running their own theaters in New York and generating a productive network for themselves and our other MFA graduates.

The MFA Directing program balances rigorous academic preparation in the history, theory, and literature of theater with intensive practical experience through on-campus production, classroom, and workshop activity, as well as internships with a wide variety of producing organizations in New York.


Deadline: February 1 (January 1 for international students)

Candidates interested in applying should contact the Program Head, Tom Bullard, for information about entrance requirements for the program and/or an application packet.

Upon submitting the application to the Graduate Admissions Office (including undergraduate transcripts and three letters of recommendation), please submit directly to the Program Head a production book based on a recently completed project including examples of pre-production preparation (research, analysis, organization of rehearsal process, and design concept), descriptive examples of your rehearsal process, a summary self-evaluation, and photos or DVD of the performance.

The production book is an opportunity for you to give the Program Head a comprehensive understanding of where you are in your directing process. There is no prescribed form for it, but he would like you to give evidence of your pre-production preparation/process as well as your rehearsal and production process as a director (incorporating research, aural/visual design or vision, script analysis, and rehearsal techniques).

Once applications have been reviewed, candidates may be invited for an on-campus interview.


Individual needs and talents help configure each student's journey through our 60-credit curriculum, usually, though not always, completed in four consecutive semesters.

A variety of required and elective courses encourage collaboration with each of the other MFA programs (Design, Acting, Dramaturgy, and Performing Arts Management).

Students direct a one-act play in a festival format in the spring of the first year, and a full-length thesis production in either the first or second semester of the second year.