Winter 2020 Study Abroad in China

December 29, 2019 - January 22, 2020


Application deadline:  Oct. 28, 2019 (Program Flyer)

Flyer with courses.

Late application may be considered; please e-mail Prof. Lu.



An inexpensive way to Live, Study & Travel to Five Famous Chinese Cities:

  1. Beijing

  2. Xi’an

  3. Nanjing

  4. Suzhou

  5. Shanghai

With side trips to Hong Kong, Tibet, Yangzhou & Yellow Mountain; and option to extend trip to Japan or S. Korea

The program is designed in such a way that all travel is education-related, with an academic focus on the courses we teach at real sites in China. The cities we have chosen to visit are all sites of historic and cultural importance.

Students may choose 1-2 courses from the following:

  1. ARTD 3105: Development of the Silk Road-fulfills Pathways "Flexible Common Core (World Cultures & Global Issues" requirement


  2. ARTD 3108: Art of China

  3. BUSN 3175: Asian Business
  4. CASD 1619: Intercultural Communication

    -fulfills Pathways International Cultural Competency requirement

  5. CASD 2623: Business Communication (cross-cultural perspectives)

  6. CHEM 1012: Chemistry in the Arts & Archeology-fulfills Pathways Scientifi World requirement
  7. CHIN 1010: Beginners Chinese-Level I

  8. CHIN 1020: Intensive Elementary Chinese-Level II

  9. CHIN 1030: Intensive Intermediate Chinese-Level III
  10. CHIN 2024: Advanced (Chinese) Language Skills
  11. HIST 3005: The Shaping of the Modern World-fulfills Pathways World Cultures & Global Issues requirement

  12. HIST 3534: Revolutionary China

  13. MUSC 4440: Music of the World's People
  14. PHIL 3722: Asian Philosophy

  15. SOCY 3205: Sociology of Globalization and Sustainability
  16. TVRA 3871: Elements of TV Field Production

    • --

      TVRA 4849: International Documentary Production

    • -- TVRA 5010: Independent Projects

  17. CASD 7296X - Special Topic Course for Graduate Students

(For more information on the courses, visit Coursework page of this website.)

Program Features:

  1. All courses are taught by Brooklyn College faculty, for CUNY-BC credit

  2. Visits to Chinese campuses and meet with Chinese students
  3. Group travel to 5 famous Chinese cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, Suzhou & Shanghai

  4. Field trips, with lectures & academic discussions, to sites of historical and cultural importance: e.g., Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors, Buddhist Temple, Confucius Temple, Great Mosque & Muslim Quarter Jewish Synagogue, Museums, Art Galleries, Tea Houses, Silk Processing Display, Cloisonné Art, Shanghai Bund, French Concession & Xintiandi, Shanghai Pudong Financial District, etc.

  5. See how an ancient country is being rapidly modernized and transformed

  6. Experience Chinese culture, interact with locals, have a real feel of Chinese life

  7. Travel and sightseeing are all arranged by professional travel agencies

  8. Stay in nice hotels in all cities
  9. Help extend trip to Japan and/or South Korea
  10. Help arrange side trips to additonal local tourist attractions:

    Hong Kong, Tibet, Yangzhou & Yellow Mountain(info on Side Trips)

Program Fee (for Winter 2020): only $3,450, which includes:

  1. Round-trip international tickets (NYC to Beijing; Shanghai to NYC)

  2. Transportation within & between cities in China

  3. Hotels in all the cities in China

  4. Admission tickets to scenic spots for program field trips

  5. CISI

    International travel and health insurance

  6. Meals

Open to all CUNY campuses & any other US campuses. Both qualified CUNY and non-CUNY undergraduate and graduate students can enroll. Some scholarships & Financial Aid may be available, depending on student's eligibility.

For more information about our China program:

  • Contact Ms. Garrick, Tel: 718-951-5225.

  • Or, send e-mail to Prof. Lu


  • Dept. of Communication AS&D

  • 3439 Boylan Hall

  • Brooklyn College-CUNY

  • 2900 Bedford Avenue

  • Brooklyn, NY 11210