Cost & Payment

Payment Schedule & Policies

Summer 2018 Study Abroad in China

May 28 - June 18, 2018

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Application Deadline: March 27, 2018

 Questions, please e-mail Prof. Lu



Program Fee, only $3,430:

  1. Round-trip int’l flights (NYC to Beijing & Shanghai to NYC; low airfare add-on for departures from other U.S. airports).
  2. Program-related transportation (including trains from Beijing to Xi'an & Xi'an to Nanjing) and excursions in China (Beijing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Suzhou & Shanghai), all arranged by professional travel agencies in China, with English-speaking tour guides and chartered buses.
  3. Hotel rooms in all cities (double occupancy in nice hotels; single room for extra $750. We do not stay in college dorms whose conditions are far from enjoyable)
  4. Meals (see Note on Meals)
  5. CISI health/travel insurance (see Policy Brochure)


Additional Fees:

  1. Visa: $140 for U.S. passport; $30 for others.
  2. CUNY tuition
  3. $300 (estimated minimum): laundry, subway and some out-of-pocket meals (lunch & dinner of about 15 days in Nanjing & Shanghai; breakfast every day included in the program)


Optional Fees: only if you choose to make optional side trips; for more info, visit this link


Program Fee ($3,430) Payment Due Dates & Policies:

     --No personal checks will be accepted.

     --We welcome payment of total program fee at one time, along with your application form.

     --Payments must be in money order or bank cashier's check payable to “Brooklyn College.

     --You can also pay in cash (in person at the Bursar only)

     --Include a payment slip on which to put your Emplid ID; if no Emplid ID, put last 4 SS.


  1. $450 (in money order or bank cashier check only), due with application before/on March 27, 2018


    • This first payment will be refunded if you are not accepted, but non-refundable if you are accepted into the program

    • $30 late fee applies to applications received after the deadline

  2. $1,450, second payment (to be received) before/on March 30, 2018

    • Late payment may lead to an additional charge for international airline tickets

    • This payment can also be made with a credit card. See the note below.

    • Second payment is not refundable after the airline tickets are issued

    • Airline tickets purchased are not refundable or transferable

    • A fee of $30 per week for late payment after the deadline

  3. $1,530 final payment (to be received) before/on April 18, 2018

    • Half of the final payment is refundable for cancellations made, in writing, before April 25, 2018

    • This payment can also be made with a credit card. See the note below.

    • None of the final payment is refundable if the participant cancels the trip, in writing, on/after April 25, 2018

    • A fee of $50 per week applies to late payment

    • Students who fail to make the final payment 3 weeks after the deadline may be excluded from the program and lose all prior payments.


  1.    No personal checks will be accepted. All payments must be in money order or bank cashier’s check, payable to “Brooklyn College.”

    • The student’s name should be typed or printed in the “memo” of the money order or bank casher’s check.

    • You should keep copies of your payments for your record.
    • Do not send payment via regular mail, which is often slow and may get lost. Express mail is highly recommended.
  2.    Payment by credit card is also acceptable. See credit card payment authorization form and read instructions in the form carefully.

    • Credit card payments are subject to a non-refundable 2.65% convenience fee.

    • Make sure your payment(s) actually went though with your card, and be prepared to show the payment(s) in your credit card statement to the China program.
  3.    For payment questions contact:

    • Ms. Natalie Guarna:
    • Phone 718.951.5200
    • Fax 718.951.4520
    • Brooklyn College Enrollment Services Center
  4. All bounced payments will be subject to a fee of $30.00; late fees apply to actual payments received after the deadline.

  5. If the exchange rates between U.S. and Chinese currencies change by more than 2% (as of July 20, 2016), or, if services and other costs in China go up by 2% more than estimated, the trip organizer reserves the right to adjust the program cost accordingly.


Deliver or express-mail your application with the 1st payment to:

  • Ms. Annsonia Garrick

  • CUNY-BC in China Program

  • Dept of Speech Communication

  • 3439 Boylan Hall

  • Brooklyn College-CUNY

  • 2900 Bedford Avenue

  • Brooklyn, NY 11210

  • Tel: 718-951-5225

After the application deadline, deliver or express-mail all payments to the following address:

  • Bursar Office (Study Abroad in China)

  • Enrollment Services Center

  • Lobby, West Quad Building

  • Brooklyn College-CUNY

  • 2900 Bedford Avenue

  • Brooklyn, NY 11210


Hours of Operation of Bursar Office:

          9:00am - 7:45pm, Monday - Thursday

          9:00am - 4:45pm, Friday

          Closed weekends