Why China?


“China has telescoped into one generation what other countries took centuries to achieve. No country (let alone one of continental proportions) has tried to accomplish so much in such a short time. China’s unique attempt to complete two transitions at once –from a command to a market economy and from a rural to an urban society—is without historical precedent.”

--The World Bank, China 2020: Development and Challenges in the New Century

“Nowhere in the world is there a market like this—nowhere. To me, the 21st century will be the Chinese century. China will change the economic balance of the world.”

--Guy McLeod, President, Airbus China

How China’s Economy Is Poised to Win the Future

--Ian Bremmer, Time, Nov 2, 2017

Billionaires and royals are rushing to teach their kids Mandarin

--Abby Jackson, Business Insider (Click here to read the article)

“U.S. Study Sees China as No. 1 Economy by 2030"

--THOM SHANKER, New York Times, December 10, 2012 (click here to read the article)


It is official: China is now No. 1 economy (December 4, 2014) Click to read this Market Watch article


Joseph J. Stiglitz:: Chinese Century  (China Has Overtaken the U.S. as the World's Largest Economy)


"Take Chinese Creativity Seriously or Lose Out"

--John Howkins, Financial Times: December 15, 2013 (click here to read the article)