Passport & Visa

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Everyone needs a valid passport to travel overseas and to re-enter the U.S. If you already have a passport and it is due to expire within 6 months beyond the conclusion of our study abroad program, renew it now.

The study abroad office on many campuses oftern has a passport day and they can help get the passort for you very quickly, much faster than a passport agency.  So check with the study abroad office on your campus.

International students holding F1 or J1 visas should contact the Office of International Students or other appropriate office at their home institution for information regarding F1 or J1 visas. These students must make sure that they can legally enter the United States after they have left the country.

Apply for a Chinese Visa

You need a tourist (L) visa to enter China if you do not hold a Chinese passport. Please go to the following link to read about how to apply for a Chinese tourist visa. Start the visa application about 1 and ½ months before departure.

Note: Participants do not apply for the visa until we will give specific information for visa application, after the international flights for the trip are finalized and after travel agencies provide confirmation of itineraries and hotels in China (in early November for winter programs, and in early April for summer programs). Before that, you just need to make sure your passport is valid until 6 months beyond the trip dates.


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