Host Institutions

After touring those important historic and cultural sites in Beijing and Xi’an, we arrive in Nanjing where we stay for about 2 weeks and half--we take Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University as our host institutions.

The program director has good personal connections with many colleges and universities in each of the Chinese cities where we will visit for study and cultural excursions. Our students can have easy access to any of those universities if we have the need.



However, we do not stay in campus dorms, as their conditions are not what we want to have. In each of the cities, the travel agencies always pick comfortable star-rated commercial hotels for us, where we can have tasty breakfast every morning (included in the program), nice restaurants, 24/7 security guards, room service (maids cleaning our rooms and making the bed every morning), etc. Such benefits are not to be expected in dorms.


The following are some Chinese campuses available for us.