Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Students should ensure they have sufficient funds available when they decide to participate in our study in China program. Only when your payments are ready will we be able to help organize the trip for you.


There are various types of financial aid students can look into, such as student loans and scholarships. See the respective pages for detailed information about how to apply for scholarships and student loans.



CUNY students from Macaulay honors should read this below from the Ofiice of Scholarships & Grants of Macaulay Honors College:

This (China Program) is a very popular program with Macaulay students and our students rave about this program. The likelihood of you receiving funding is very high (as long as you meet the eligibility requirements - see  this link for more information). Make sure you speak with your Macaulay Advisor ASAP about your plans.



Some private foundations or family funds may also be willing to support. You just need to ask around and prepare good rationales to approach them.


Some of our past students even did fund-raising campaigns at facebook and were able to get donations from generous supporters.