General Physics Labs (1100, 1150, 2100 & 2150)
Introduction to The Physics Laboratory
Please read this document before you attend your first lab. It is also a useful point of reference throughout the semester.
Lab Schedules (Fall 2018)
General Physics 1100 Lab Schedule
General Physics 2100 and Calculus-Based General Physics 2150 Lab Schedule
Physics 1005 Lab Schedule
Lab Write-ups, General Physics 1100 and Calculus-Based General Physics 1150
Archimedes' Principle
Centripetal Force
Conservative Force Systems
Conservation of Angular Momentum
Equilibrium of Coplanar Forces
Introduction to Laboratory Experiment and Measurement
Measurements - Acceleration of Gravity
Mechanical Work and Energy Conversion into Heat
Newton's Laws of Motion
One-dimensional Collisions
Simple Pendulum and Property of SHM
Standing Waves on a String
Static Equilibrium
Video analysis of one dimensional and two dimensional motion
Lab Write-ups, General Physics 2100 and Calculus-Based General Physics 2150
Coulomb's Law
DC Circuits - Kirchhoff's Rules
Diffraction Grating Spectrometer
Equipotential Surface Plotting
Faraday's Law of Induction
Interference and Diffraction
Ohm's Law
RC circuits
Reflection and Image Formation by Mirrors
The Series RLC Circuit and Resonance
Uncovering a Hidden RCL Series Circuit